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Autumn and creativity block

my brain

As we enter Autumn here in the Northern hemisphere a new waft is in the  air. The nights are cooler, the mornings crisp and foggy, and the days are refreshing. Yet, my creativity and imagination is on hold. I had started a video project dealing with robots, automation, no people involved and it’s stuck at 75%.

Since I like what I do with imagery and music and try to do some each day I decided after a few days of mental blockage to start a new project dealing with kids, child labor, child exploitation and poverty in the 1920’s. After gathering images, research, reading and cranking out a general layout — POOF! mental paralysis.

So I started a third one (Don’t give up, never!) And this one was more cheerful, full of energy and creative juices – – – about tap dancing and some great tappers. As I began making progress on this one, I took some time off, to smell the roses I saw from my window (just blooming and coming out in our garden) So I  began filming and photographing them (Is this a fourth project?)

Please, help! No more false starts… Just allow me to begin, toil and finish at least one of them, PLEASE!! As you can tell, a force greater than myself  has taken over pumping and filling me with new ideas, but not allowing me to proceed to completion. “Got another for you, check this, this and that! What you think? Cool? Isn’t it? And so on…

A break is needed. And so I’ll relax today and try to cook some Thai food (look up some spicy recipes, veggies and seafood!) That’s the ticket!

Bye for now…

New year, new projects

Hi everybody,

The new year begun and I have piled a bunch of new projects. At this point they are just ideas to be developed and fleshed out. Typically they require research, sourcing of material, music, art, paintings, history and photographs.

I always endeavor to have my own material on each project. Sometimes I have to go and shoot pictures that will complement the story, other times the images may be more abstract in nature.

These are the concepts I will be working in the next weeks/months:

  • NYC Street Art
  • Oil – Boom and bust cycles
  • A new tango (milonga)
  • Tierra del Fuego, the most southern part of South America
  • The Danube River in Romania
  • A video about the moon, moonshine etc…
  • A follow-up on the  Money Puzzle, perhaps a compilation of one of the characters accomplishments

In the meantime, enjoy the winter ♥ and have a wonderful day!


A Quick Update – New Project

I’m beginning to work on a project that includes paintings of Marc Chagall combined with music improvised by Koen Scherer (a pianist friend and collaborator) and Saskia Laroo (professional trumpet player and great lady musician), both from Holland.

The music is called “Love” and was done in one sitting while both improvised…… I was given the honor to do something creative with this little jewel. Stay tuned…


Working on a joint California project

Over the last few weeks, we have developed a relationship with a West Coast enthusiast photographer, Felipe Rojas, who got interested in collaborating on a photo montage video project.

FROJAS 32 (6)

As we began discussing some ideas and approaches it became evident that we were of the same mind on many issues related to photography, videos, presentation, etc… As time evolved and we shared more concepts, we decided to make a production about Yosemite National Park in the Autumn.

I had always wanted to do a video on this fabulous and picturesque place but since my photos were scant and came from slides (now digitized) I needed many more to make any meaningful presentation. When Felipe shared many of his Yosemite shots, we both knew we had good deal.

Presently, we are about to share the first draft and begin making some adjustments. The video will contain both of our photos, art and paintings, HDR images and a simulated aerial video of the Valley of Yosemite.

If everything progresses at pace we should be able to post it to Vimeo sometime in late October or early November. The feeling is that it’s going to be a good one!

More info as we get closer…

Working on Three Projects at Once

Just wanted to go on the record and let you know that I’m working on 3-4 projects, simultaneously. I always like to multi-task, keeps my juices flowing and the synergy is great!

Here’s a preview of what they are:
1. A new Tango (modern) with a bunch of photos and film from Montevideo, Uruguay (my native land). Some of the photos I’m using are from Vince Alongi who captured the city of Montevideo at different places and moods, over a long period time. This one is so easy to work with… The music is guiding the images. The tempo is great, and everything seems to be flowing smoothly. Should be finished within the week or so. I intend to publish it in about 2-3 weeks after others that are ready and in line to go.

2. An interesting and picturesque video on the “Sacred Valley” of Peru. This one is on HD and it includes lots of photos from the local native american population (Incas). It’s a pleasure to work with such nice images and the beauty of the descendants of these ancient people. The sad part of it is that the majority of them live very modestly or near poverty, and subsist from day to day. They are a humble and proud people with deep beliefs that keeps them bonded as a nation in itself.

3. A production on New England (3 different sections). One will concentrate on the Fall season, I’m using older photos and scanned slides from years ago and of our excursions when we use to come and visit from the West Coast.
The second video is about Cape Cod in the summer time mainly. It’s almost finished.
The summer Cape Cod video is made possible by the generosity of Cristopher Seufert a Cape Cod professional photographer who has been kind to allow me the use of his beautiful images mixed with mine.

The third is in the idea stage and it would be about Cape Cod in the fall season. The photos are being sourced, and 2 photographers have granted permission to use their images, which will be comingled with mine.

Well, there you are (or should’ve said I am!)
See you later at the picture show…

Using New Tools and Different Media

I have begun experimenting with new software tools and media. That includes a new program to make images pan/zoom/and turn at the same time. In additon, I am using an HDR software to enhance photographs. Also, began using HD rendering for my videos. Lastly, I am mixing photographs, paintings, modified images, HDR (High Dynamic Range), new photo techniques, and vintage film (sometimes colorized or modified).
The results are:
Images have a unique and complex motion to them.
The images themselves are richer in nature and texture.
The story telling has much more range and visual appeal.
When combined, these images result in a better looking and more dynamic rendering.

I will continue to explore and experiment, so don’t get accustomed to anything I do…
Stay tuned.