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Working on Three Projects at Once

Just wanted to go on the record and let you know that I’m working on 3-4 projects, simultaneously. I always like to multi-task, keeps my juices flowing and the synergy is great!

Here’s a preview of what they are:
1. A new Tango (modern) with a bunch of photos and film from Montevideo, Uruguay (my native land). Some of the photos I’m using are from Vince Alongi who captured the city of Montevideo at different places and moods, over a long period time. This one is so easy to work with… The music is guiding the images. The tempo is great, and everything seems to be flowing smoothly. Should be finished within the week or so. I intend to publish it in about 2-3 weeks after others that are ready and in line to go.

2. An interesting and picturesque video on the “Sacred Valley” of Peru. This one is on HD and it includes lots of photos from the local native american population (Incas). It’s a pleasure to work with such nice images and the beauty of the descendants of these ancient people. The sad part of it is that the majority of them live very modestly or near poverty, and subsist from day to day. They are a humble and proud people with deep beliefs that keeps them bonded as a nation in itself.

3. A production on New England (3 different sections). One will concentrate on the Fall season, I’m using older photos and scanned slides from years ago and of our excursions when we use to come and visit from the West Coast.
The second video is about Cape Cod in the summer time mainly. It’s almost finished.
The summer Cape Cod video is made possible by the generosity of Cristopher Seufert a Cape Cod professional photographer who has been kind to allow me the use of his beautiful images mixed with mine.

The third is in the idea stage and it would be about Cape Cod in the fall season. The photos are being sourced, and 2 photographers have granted permission to use their images, which will be comingled with mine.

Well, there you are (or should’ve said I am!)
See you later at the picture show…