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Kingfisher – Martin Pescador – Alcedines

Kingfisher - Martin Pescador - Alcedines

Summer colors

Experiencing some oppressive heat wave and out through the woods, the idea came to my mind… “Shoot summer scenes from a different angle, perspective and color.”
The result is somehow oppressive, whimsical and a touch way out there! But it came out as I intended it.
The surrounding scenes span from southeast MA, Easton, Borderland State Park, Cohasset, and other nearby areas.
The application of wildlife over masques and the use of origami figures contrasted to real life was a way to accentuate nature and art and how they always connect and compliment. I also, experimented with color grading, B&W and other means to highlight the light distortion that is caused by extreme sun, haze and heat.

Enjoy the journey,