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Wine Country – Napa & Sonoma

Napa and Sonoma counties in California are known as Wine Country in the U.S. Having been recognized as world-class producers of high quality wines, the area is also known for great food, beautiful views, care for the environment and pastoral settings. Its Spanish roots and architecture can still be seen everywhere one travels.

See the video at: http://www.vimeo.com/7730214

~ Produced in collaboration with Teraluma Pictures ~ Felipe Rojas ~

This video-montage includes:

~ Photographs by: F Rojas & L Bar
~ Video by: Teraluma Pictures :: teraluma.com
~ Art by: Ronald Pratt :: ronaldpratt.com , Paul Ranson (1864 – 1909)
~ Aerial images by: http://Flickr.com/photos/Lyng833’s
~ Music: “Song from a secret garden” by Secret Garden

We worked hard and (we believe) smart to craft this piece over a period of 3-4 weeks. From the inception we knew we had some challenges, such as, to appear like a commercial for a winery, or worse yet, to look like a travelogue clip. Great effort was invested to make a high-quality representation with the flavors, pace and pastoral mood of the Napa and Sonoma regions. We were told by early reviewers that we had achieved this feeling, and we’re glad for that.


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Leo Bar
Creative Imagining