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Winter Paintings

An essay on a cruel and long winter, while inside I was surrounded by orchids and warmth…

Enjoy the show,

Snowy Moods

Shot from early morning to midday on December 26, 2012

After a major snowstorm over December’s holidays, I got up early on Dec 26, and armed with everything I thought was needed, decided to go do some video shooting around the Blue Hills area. The Sun hadn’t come out yet, and the sky was still laden with storm clouds.  It was cold! My plan called for shooting macro and closeups framing the striking looks when snow embraces plants and trees. And so, I did for a while.

As the morning progressed, the sky cleared up and the sun made its shy appearance. The crystals formed on branches and bushes began glistening and sparkling and all trees appeared to be colored with golden hues. The scenery changed totally and my plan changed accordingly. I switched from closeups to long shots, and began panning to capture the beauty of the colors. Whatever eventually showed up in film, wasn’t quite the spectacle that my eyes saw (and my brain remembers). So, here’s my humble rendition of a glorious, cold, beautiful morning after the storm.



Oiseaux Glacés

Throughout the tough winter of 2011 I would often see little birds coming under my bushes and trees looking for berries or crab apples on the ground. Some of them would huddle and puff up in between thick branches covered with ice and snow. I thought they were the lucky ones, the survivors. Having the strength to feed, knowing where to find it, and staying strong through some nasty storms.
A few times we laid out fruit or seeds for them, being careful not to feed them crap or food with additives like other people did, since these type of chemicals weaken their immune system.
Every time I had a chance (dressed or not for the cold), I would sneak up on them and shoot pictures or video.
Many of the shots came out badly or didn’t come out at all due to non-cooperative wildlife, cold camera sensors, batteries, bad shooting (no sense covering up the truth), no tripod (shaking like a leaf) or simply too much snow interference. What you see in this brief production are the few that came out and some older ones from my collection.

Enjoy the show,
Elements Used in this Production:
– Video & photos shot around Massachusetts & New Hampshire
– Digital art, animations, HDR (pseudo): Leo Bar
– Music: Thème by Philippe Mangold

Lake Placid – 1932 Olympic Winter Games

It just felt right to evoque some simpler times, when people had fun, high hopes and experiencing the beginning of a recovery from the great depression.

Hope you enjoy watching it, Leo

Background and History:

The 1932 Winter Olympics, officially known as the III Olympic Winter Games, were a winter multi-sport event which was celebrated in 1932 in Lake Placid, New York, United States. The games opened on February 4th and closed on February 15th.

The Games were opened by New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States later the same year.

Irving Jaffee won the 5,000 m (3.1 mi.) and the 10,000 m (6.2 mi.) speedskating gold medals, beating previous champion and world record holder Ivar Ballangrud in the 10,000 m by 4.5 m (5 yards).

The USA won the medal tally with a total of 12 medals (6 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze). This was the only time the U.S. had won the medal tally in a Winter Olympics event until Vancouver in 2010. Seventeen countries participated.

At the tender age of only 16, William “Billy” Fiske III (1911 – 1940) steered the five-man U.S. bobsledding team to gold at the 1928 St. Moritz Games, becoming the youngest gold medallist in the sport. Four years later at the 1932 Games, he led a four-man team, considered to be one of the most eccentric team ever assembled in Olympic history, to another golden triumph. Fiske was invited to the 1936 Winter Games to be held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, but declined due to his disagreement with German politics. However, Fiske’s heroism was not immortalized on the sporting field. In 1940, He became the first American pilot to die in World War II, when he fought for Britain’s Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain

Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams

~ A Winter Fantasy ~

This video was inspired by an early thaw. I dreamed about it and when I woke up in the morning, everything looked magical almost as in a dream.

Later on, as I was constructing this piece, I realized how wrong I had been…Days later, we got hammered by a huge snowstorm…

I understood that the idea is what counts. One is allowed to dream, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Sharing this dream with you was my intent. Enjoy the images.

Elements Used in this Production:


Kakonita – Nils Peter Molvaer

Sound Effects:

Water Drips – Scott Fisher @ www.DigFishMusic.com

Waterfall – Conrad Most @ www.Freesound.org


Stephen Jansson @ Flickr.com/Steffe

Michael Krigsman @ Flickr.com/MKrigsman

Cathy Haglund @ Flickr.com/HaglundC

Vadi Kunc @ Flickr.com/VadiKunc

Leo bar @ Flickr.com/leobar-PixInMotion

Video Clip:
Ice Melting – Sebastian Perier @ www.Vimeo.com/Yenaphe


Pix In Motion
Leo Bar
Creative Imagining



Nuances d’Hiver

Nuances d’Hiver (fr) = Shades of Winter

 Winter in New England –  I chose a french name for this creation because I liked the sound it conveyed and its unique feeling. Tried to create a magical time, full of shades, nuances, harshness and surprises. The images span from metro Boston area and its parks, to western Massachusetts, Vermont and coastal Maine.


This video was composed from end of November through most of December. The intention and inspiration was to capture winter’s subtleties and contrast it with the striking power and images it offers to the wandering eye. As I began formulating the “feel and look” it became evident that I needed to get the help of others to conclude this work. In the process I came to “virtually” befriend nice people, who took the time to educate me on subtleties as well. Thanks to Justin Morgan for taking the time to guide me into the “nuances” of Creative Commons.

The elements used in this project are:
Photographs: Justin Morgan, Steven Erat, Werner Kunz and Leo Bar
(some HDR photographs, others have been modified in post to pseudo HDR and/or vignette).  Pseudo time-lapse was done post.

Music: Oiseaux Tristes by Ravel, piano by Felipe Sarro
Hope you enjoy this little present of subtle and mighty Winter.

Pix In Motion
Leo Bar
Creative Imagining