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Yosemite in Autumn

When Felipe Rojas and me met through Vimeo a few weeks ago, we discussed the possibility of doing a video in collaboration. From concept to reality took a lot of communication, exchanging photographs, ideas, preferences and some video files (that in the end were not used).

The elements used on this project:

  • Our combined photographs from Yosemite
  • Aerial photography with simulated in-flight animation shots (public domain)
  • HDR images from Filip42 @ Flickr (CC Attribution 3.0)
  • Paintings from early 20th. century: C. Gordon-Cumming, Thomas Hill and Albert Bierstadt


The project began taking shape slowly and the communication became more fluid and focused as we made progress. In the meantime we both had other pressing issues in our lives that we had to attend to with care and attention. Despite all that we pushed the ball forward.

See this video at: http://www.vimeo.com/7263360

As the first draft took shape, Felipe begun the tedious part of editing, music selection, sequence, rejects, adds and changes. Slowly now, we started expressing our styles, opinions, and preferences. From these discussions we agreed to make a series of changes and the second draft surfaced within days. After a few more subtle touches and adjustments the final production was wrapped up and posted to Vimeo within 2 days.

We both liked the outcome, and felt good about our effort. We agreed that if time and conditions allow, we may do another one in the future.

I personally enjoyed working with Felipe, since we both had an opportunity to practice our rusty Spanish, and have a few laughs. Above all though, it was a revelation to read and listen to another voice regarding a project in motion. This was refreshing, since I always work in a vacuum, until the video is finalized and published. Then for the first time I get to hear feedback from my viewers.

We hope you enjoy this clip as much as we enjoyed making it.

Working on a joint California project

Over the last few weeks, we have developed a relationship with a West Coast enthusiast photographer, Felipe Rojas, who got interested in collaborating on a photo montage video project.

FROJAS 32 (6)

As we began discussing some ideas and approaches it became evident that we were of the same mind on many issues related to photography, videos, presentation, etc… As time evolved and we shared more concepts, we decided to make a production about Yosemite National Park in the Autumn.

I had always wanted to do a video on this fabulous and picturesque place but since my photos were scant and came from slides (now digitized) I needed many more to make any meaningful presentation. When Felipe shared many of his Yosemite shots, we both knew we had good deal.

Presently, we are about to share the first draft and begin making some adjustments. The video will contain both of our photos, art and paintings, HDR images and a simulated aerial video of the Valley of Yosemite.

If everything progresses at pace we should be able to post it to Vimeo sometime in late October or early November. The feeling is that it’s going to be a good one!

More info as we get closer…