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Tango y Paseo

An elegant tango dance accompanied by paintings and scenery of Montevideo and Buenos Aires.
Enjoy the show,

Lunatic Tango ~ ~ Tango Lunático

An artistically danced tango accompanied by old-town street scenery, eateries and parillada (slow grilled) food from Montevideo, UY

In this production I chose to show typical Montevidean settings, such as, the Mercado del Puerto, Barrio Sur, Ciudad Vieja and  Centro. Because Uruguayans love to eat meat (Asado, Parrillada, Achuras) it was natural to include scenes of eateries and patrons enjoying their fare. Tango is a powerful expression of emotions, culture, folklore and relationships, so it made sense to tie it to the most salient aspects of everyday life in the little country West of the Uruguay River. Enjoy the dance!

Special thanks to:
~ Jerry Jones – Texture used Infected2 @ flickr.com/photos/skeletalmess/
~ Leo Alvarez – Some photographs used @ flickr.com/photos/leoalvarezshoots/
~ BorisTube7 – Video clips 1: Gustavo Rosas y Gisela Natoli @ youtube.com

Digital Art & Paintings: Leo Bar
Music: Tango Roxanne – Remixed by Leo Bar

Tango Predator

When I first listened to this music, it touched me in such a way that compelled me to produce this piece. The rhythmic nature, constant variation and counterpoint of violin versus bandoneon, makes this creation by Astor (The Master) Piazzolla a great example of tango and classical fusion.

To represent the sensuality, heat and desire projected by the music, I chose to use a large amount of paintings, blended with Astor’s orchestra and real tango dancers. At times they are superimposed and counterpointing, as the music does with the instruments.

I hope you enjoy this creation, whether or not you’re a tango fan, since it’s more of a classical composition.

~Music: Escualo (Shark) by Astor Piazzolla

~Paintings: R Young; Juarez Machado; Pol Ledent; Virgil Stevens